Reunion is Out!!

2009-01-25 01:21:49 by Jessismith

Please watch it!


Reunion is Out!!


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2009-01-25 03:33:16

And it's pretty good. =)

Jessismith responds:

Thanks! :D


2009-02-08 01:28:41

I just saw it, and it was very beautiful, despite the rough animation. It was just lovely

Jessismith responds:

Thanks...xD I'm glad you liked it. I know you were waiting for it for a little bit.
Sorry about the rough animation. It was just sort of rushed towards the end...:P


2009-02-08 19:23:58

Well I don't look that deeply into animation. Your flash made up for the rough animation with meaning, and that normally one of the things I look for in these kinds of things, and yours had a lot of meaning to it so the rough animation didn't irk me a bit

Jessismith responds:

Aww...well that's good...:P Thank you....:)


2009-02-09 09:08:30

aww i wasnt co-authored. :'(

Well good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 111111111111111111111111111111one

Jessismith responds:

:( Aww. I'm co-authoring you in my next flash...:D
And probably the one after
and the one after
Thank you....:)


2009-04-09 19:57:17

I just watched it and I LOVE IT!!!!

Jessismith responds:

Yay! I'm glad you love it buddy. Maybe I'll do some more stuff like this in the future. :)


2009-05-12 23:45:06

i hope you are feeling gooooooooood :D:D:D i am although i need to sleep... bad! :D:D:D
your voice is angelic when it hits that high note... WOW... shivers!!!!!

Jessismith responds:

You should indeed get more sleep. :)

Thanks. xD