LaoNE Almost There!!!

2009-05-26 22:17:46 by Jessismith

It's's almost here! Check out my website or deviantart account. I will alwasy be updating it on DA if you haven't already seen the updated version. Anyway, I'm going to make this short...

Click Here for the Official Movie Fan Site


~Stephanie (jessismith)

LaoNE Almost There!!!


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2009-05-28 18:53:57

um? Wat? what is this above me? OMG! and did you draw this? did you draw that? you drew that? OMG flipping heck... if you have made a movie in this style.... your are my new favourite producer!!! i hope your happy and healthty. and i hope this project works out alright for you!

Jessismith responds:

Yes. I did draw this and I did draw that. I drew this! :D But unfortunately, the movie though is in a drastically different style. xD Heheh, thanks. You're my absolute favorite reviewer so yay!! You're awesome. Indeed. Life's been treating me rather well lately. I hope so too. Thank you so much Stalagmite. :)


2009-06-03 19:52:02

Dont listen to Stalgmite, hes gay. >:(


lol i cant wait until this thing hits the portal! Hope you get a trophy! :)

Jessismith responds:

Aww. xD

Yeah. I've been trying to get a few things done to it to make it more visually appealing, but unfortunately npthing is working. I should have this thing up soon though....unfortunately, I'm sort of delayed....again, but yeah, hopefully by tomorrow or the day after....or that day after that, lol. I hope so too. Thanks Nick. :)


2009-06-23 11:17:08

There are girls on Newgrounds?