2009-09-11 23:11:41 by Jessismith

Holy crap! It looks like all my efforts and voting up has put "Reunion" at #164 in the best of all time flashes!! Maybe now it will finally finally, after so long, get some reviews. :) I'm already getting a lot coming in. I'm so happy! Thank you Newgrounds! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2009-09-13 01:56:55

Aye, girlie, not boyo, its good. And thank you.

Jessismith responds:

You're welcome. Thank you! :)


2009-10-03 01:45:27

I just learned how to vote on a submission, i'm going back and giving all your great flash films and talented songs a 5, hope it helps, keep up the good work, boyo! You'll do great!

Jessismith responds:

Aww, really? Wah!? That's awesome! *hugs* You're so awesome! Yays! Thank you! You're the best, Westies! :D I wish you had some submissions I can rate and comment on. xD


2009-10-04 23:10:56

Your website is awesome too, boyo.

Jessismith responds:

Thank you. :)