My website has been prettifyed!!

2009-10-20 11:06:14 by Jessismith

Special thanks to Gintas for doing most of the work in making the most amazing site layout ever. :) I love it, and you will love it too, especially if you're anxiously awaiting Christmas to come like I's my favorite holiday, and just the best time of the year. So yes, enjoy our new website design. It rules!!

My website has been prettifyed!!


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2009-10-20 11:56:28

Awesome, looks great!

Jessismith responds:

Thank you! :D


2009-10-20 21:14:30

Yah, good stuff, aye boyo. I go there and not here at newgrounds anymore, its so cool.

Jessismith responds:

Indeed. That's because you're cool enough to go there. :)