My Internet is down again.

2009-10-26 11:42:57 by Jessismith

I'm sorry again guys. You're all probably used to this now though so you all know that I will be back eventually. I love you all. You're like my family but yeah....this is completely out of my control unfortunately. I'll catch y'all later.


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2009-10-26 11:49:21

So how did you post this if ur net was down ?

Jessismith responds:

Bumming off the neighbors. Meaning, I can get on but only every now and then.


2009-10-27 19:23:56

Did not see ya on the forum, thought i'd see ya hear. Hope the internet comes back on, cal is gone for good too. Have a great day, aye boyo. I gotta go pass out.

Jessismith responds:

Yeah. I'm still online here for a limited time. I just can't post on the a-s forums since my iPod doesn't support the script. I hope to get it back soon also. I'm bummig off the neighbor and the connection is so slow lol. You have a good day too. And stop that drinking and maybe you'll feel better. :P


2009-10-27 19:24:42

I am never drinking vodka again, steph.

Jessismith responds:

Well I was gonna ask you what happened to you becoming sober? That's good to hear.


2009-10-29 21:02:49

I'll tell you about it on the website. I been pretty down lately. I hope you get your internet back, know how much it means to you. Must have nice naighbors. Have a good day, huh, steph.

Jessismith responds:

Alright then. Yeah. Hopefully it will be soon when I get it back. Well, I have some pretty clueless neighbors heheh. None of my neighbors have secured wifi networks. :P


2009-10-30 23:15:05

AW, please get your internet back. I have nothing to do online with you gone, boyo. I've been watching old movies lately to pass my free time.

Jessismith responds:

Aww. I'm sorry. I'll try to get on the AS forums more. I found a lame way to post on them. I'll have Internet again hopefully soon. Maybe today or tomorrow even. It all depends.