My newest movie fan art piece!

2009-12-27 22:51:27 by Jessismith

Since I don't update my journal often, and since I'm sort of proud of my newest artwork, I figured I'd make a big news post about it. This piece is based on the movie, Avatar. I hope you guys will like it, and I hope for a scout if possible. I have been unscouted so many times....even though I never did anything wrong. It's crazy. But yeah. sismith/avatar-fanart


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2009-12-27 23:57:25

Its nice but the Navi looks too blue, At least for the picture. I think he is a little too dark, and the wing is too bright, should be worn out (the wing design) because it is an animal. Its not like they have an amazing skin complexion anyway.

Jessismith responds:

Yeah, a lot of folks were saying that. I was sort of going for my own look. I'll have to change the color around next time. Thanks. I'll try not to go all out with super bold colors next time. Thanks for looking. :)


2009-12-31 11:14:50

YabbablabbABABABABAABABA too blue.

Jessismith responds:

Yeah. It is too blue. I just love the color too much I guess.


2010-01-16 00:33:34

Sorry, i aint gonna be online no more. Got lots of work to do. I'm in reno nevada. Graduated high school. I'm using the job corps crappy old computer. Supposed to only use for class work and research. Just want to wish you good luck on your artiist's journey, you'll make it. I got faith in you. Dont worry about me, i'm good. Been a long ride, but i finally made it and so will you. See ya around, steph. :)

Jessismith responds:

I'm so glad to hear everything's going good with you now. Just sorry I wasn't able to come online for a while either. I guess you won't get this, but if you do, I'll keep you in my prayers and I wish you the best in your new life, which I'm so happy you've made it this far. See ya around, Luke.


2010-01-17 19:22:46

it's cool but the avatar i guess is alittle to blue not much anyway awsome job