Change of weather, and high hopes.

2010-02-24 11:25:01 by Jessismith

Hey everyone!

So yeah, for those who might know me, I've been gone for a while, and have not been able to post anything in all that time. So, I've decided to come back for a while, and submit some new content.
I actually just finished a piece the other day, and this is the finished product of that, /313757

Also, some cool stuff has been happening around here, like weather changes. We hardly ever get any snow here, and it's happened 3 times this year, which is pretty awesome. So, I'm thinking also about drawing my inspiration from the weather, like I did with this one song, /293725

Also, I'm up for requests. Maybe not with animation, but I'm glad to do voice acting for anything, or make music for your animation...or maybe an artwork. I'm happy to do stuff like that. It's a nice slow time of the year, so I'm really bored. But yeah, pm me with any ideas, suggestions, or requests. I'd love to hear them all. :) Cheers, everyone!

Change of weather, and high hopes.


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2010-02-24 17:34:14

Awesome! How is your next flash coming along? When ur ready ill send those liens over lol.

Jessismith responds:

Lol, I had no idea you were back....or maybe you never left to begin with. :) Yays, awesome! I'm definitely ready for those lines whenever you are. xD You just gave me a ray of hope since I though everyone forgot about that piece, and I just gave up on it.


2010-02-24 17:59:17

Cool! :D You have a great voice!

Jessismith responds:

Thank you. :)


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