New animation....

2010-03-22 09:35:45 by Jessismith

So yeah, I'm gonna take a break from LoaNE since it hasn't become as popular as I had hoped, and I don't want to spend another year or so animating a piece that no one is going to comment on. So, I have decided to take on another project. This one isn't going to be one of my silly stories, but someone else's, so it should be of better quality that everyone should like. :)
I will animate around the sloryline of fellow ng user, brokendeck's "Adventures of Merrick Kuei Soundtrack" We have everything set now...both animation-wise, and perhaps we have even found our main character. Pretty soon, I'll be posting up information on my website about this movie. It's a beautiful story that I'm glad to help share with the world.

New animation....


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2010-04-04 08:59:25

Should be something thrilling and awesome. I am glad you take another movie genre :)

Jessismith responds:

Thankies, G. :)