Fwunk.com is where it's at!!!

2010-05-25 14:27:21 by Jessismith

Hey everyone. A really good friend of mine and I have started up a brand new site for artists; one that will break the mold of ALL other sites out there. The basic premise of this site is to aid both artists and those who are searching for talent, so that they can collaborate on big projects.
It also serves as a social networking site that allows for users to upload content, build portfolios and resumes, make and join groups, and build friends and favorites lists....all for FREE!! It is destined to become one of the greats out there!
It is already AMAZING so far, and we are starting to get some artist joining already, and we came up with the concept for this site just 5 days ago! SO be one of the FIRST to join this amazing site! And join the other elite members we have on there already. You won't regret it!


Fwunk.com is where it's at!!!


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2010-07-12 17:42:25

Looks like a great site for artists. Good creative environment there. Nice!

Jessismith responds:

Thanks buddy. :)


2010-08-02 12:39:12

looks nice, signed up... but i will really check it later when i have more time for it

Jessismith responds:

Cool dude. Thanks for coming by. You have some neat audio submissions by the way. It would be neat to see more cool composers on Fwunk. :)


2010-09-08 18:24:24

thanks for letting me use your new song in my artistic masterpiece. It has been devilishly useful.

Jessismith responds:

Anytime. :) And thank you for using it in your masterpiece!