Preview to my next song.

2010-12-11 20:24:39 by Jessismith

These are the lyrics to a song that I will publish soon. I hope you all enjoy!
The sing itself is fast-paced, and super exciting! Can't wait to show it to you guys when I'm done. :)




Do you remember the day,
When the sunlight shone before us?
When every darkest moment ran away
I prayed it would return

Through every shadow,
Dreams grow
As the light begins to show
Our hope lies inside
Our prayers, and our dreams.

Dark clouds flew fast before my eyes,
Blinding and taking hold of me,
I fought the relentless winter night
And prayed light would return.

My life flashed by in streaks of light,
Heavy darkness fell to silence,
The sunlight though so small, it gave me hope
As I prayed it would return,

Winter fell away,
The night slowly melted into day,
When did the sunlight go?
When will we ever
See forever,
Summer's youthful glow?

The winter melted into spring
And the spring faded into summer
Now light stands before us once again,
As we believed it would, we prayed it could,
And hoped that it would come back to us.


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2010-12-11 22:57:43

Really good lyrics, keep it up. :)

(Updated ) Jessismith responds:

Thank you so much. :)