My Christmas Flash

2010-12-19 19:32:17 by Jessismith

Heya everyone. Just wanted to show you guys my newest Christmas flash. I didn't submit it to the flash portal, but to the dumping grounds, because I was uncomfortable with the new anti-copyright song policy.
I started on this flash a year ago and wasn't really thinking about copyrights and stuff when I started making it. But also, I made this for someone I care about, and this song really fit. So please, check it out if you have the time. I don't plan on making any money from it or anything. It was just something I made for fun, and from my heart, and I really want to share it with you, because NG is my second family. :) f86a6938d810484db3d6f30060ec12


PS: To Newgrounds: You can remove it if it is violating anything. Just thought I'd give it a shot for the heck of it.

My Christmas Flash


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2010-12-25 00:58:31

Merry Christmas!

Jessismith responds:

Thank you! And you too!


2010-12-25 09:34:23

Thanks for your support of my music! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Jessismith responds:

Thanks Xay. I'll always be a number one supporter of your music.
I hope your Christmas was merry also, and you have a prosperous New Year too my friend. :)


2010-12-29 19:04:54

Wow,so you started this a years ago?
Happy and productive New Year!

Jessismith responds:

I did. I made the actual storyboard back in January of this past year. xD

I'll certainly try. :)