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What ya'll been up to lately?

Posted by Jessismith - June 3rd, 2011

Just figured I'd post, since it has been so long since I have. I know you all have probably been busy with school and work. I know how that is. Just really wanted to see how everyone is doing. Anything new? Sorry that I have been too lazy to look at everyone's updates. If only NG had a feature that would alert me when that stuff happens. Maybe I'll try to find some software that send me messages on you guys' RSS feeds or something. Anyway, not much has happened to me lately. I'm sorry again for my long absence. I hope that I didn't hurt anyone's feelings with being gone so long. It just sort of struck me out of nowhere, and I was without everything....computer and internet. But I'm back on at least for now. I love you all. I hope to hear from you, and I hope everything's alright. I've been working on some exciting new projects lately....a few songs in progress, and I'm also working on an extremely epic game which features so many sprites that it might just take me over a year to just complete the design aspect of it. Other than that, I have some artwork started on....dunno if I'll finish that, lol. If someone can come up with a really funny script, maybe I can animate a short to it. ;) I am a woman of few ideas, so I depend on all of you guys and gals for inspiration. But yeah. I love you all! I hope that your summer is as warm and delightful the one where I live is.


What ya'll been up to lately?


Thanks =)
I'm doing mostly voice acting for a while now ...
I hope I'll get myself known with it.
Plus, I plan to get to learn how to sing... but no money for a teacher, and the youtube how to sing tutorials are very uninspiring for what I'm trying to pull off. But i'll find someone or something to help me, eventually.
Should you find yourself in need for a voice actor, PM me =d

You have an amazing voice!! One of the best I've heard, actually, so there's no doubt in my mind that I'd consider you for whatever my next flash will be. :D