Thinking about remastering original Elder Scrolls Songs

2012-02-05 12:34:34 by Jessismith

Anyway, so I was just playing the very first Elder Scrolls game, Arena, for both nostalgia, and for storyline purposes. I'm still in Skyrim. That's where I'm starting from. I'm playing as a female nord, and hopefully I'll get through all of the regions of Tamriel in a month, lol. But yeah, I decided to remaster and change around the Skyrim theme just a bit, because it is my favorite music sequence in the game so far. I took the original midi and added a few, modified the instrument sounds/atmosphere. Click here to listen (Skyrim Theme)
EDIT!!! Here is another one too!!!! (Another Theme....forget which though)
And another!! (Main Theme)

If you all are really die-hard Elder Scrolls fans, I would highly recommend starting from the beginning and working your way up. :) I know the graphics suck, but the storyline was so extremely well thought out, and it will provide so many days of boredom relief. You'll also see many artifacts and characters that you'll hear about in the other games, so it's really interesting. :)
Tell me if I have what it takes to remaster the whole thing. :D

Thinking about remastering original Elder Scrolls Songs


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