Computers Are So Retarded

2012-03-04 09:35:53 by Jessismith

I just found the most interesting document. A few years back, I decided to talk to my computer using its built in speech recognition software, and this is what it wrote back to me. I posted it for laughs. xD

Title: You Are Retard Used to be Computer

Hello. I don't know why it does not record my beliefs in open office. This is such a bummer. I really don't know what to say next. There is not much to say, because I have to talk very slow. This is very the lame. This is going to take a lot of time to get used to. I really wish this were two more accurate, but I guess it will have to do for now. You are you retard I am a retard and some in im so mean your name two why can't you can to try to use stupid computer. If you wonder if the guy said my?

It it it it it didn't did in ABCDERGHIJPLM in OP QR and PUB WXY and Z now I know my a BC is next time all you seen with the incident in a hen and Jesus crease bills between men and we do and who owned a vehicle knife and a Vegan comply and an machine, even though my only one passion and even when we know which will in palm hall is not home LOL my kidneys that at am up up up up up up a low oil 12 minutes. That most people long distance I have ever seen. And are you out of your mind.

He loves. Hell are you today? I am just trying to see if this thing will pick up my beliefs with compleat perfection. Let's see how this will go. I am writing a letter to you and I know that it will put another version of the word two in the place all from that of the two that I want to tell you ha ha ha. With this computer use so in name. And I don't even think it will get that word either the cause you to use the name will. I really wonder what strange generation it will replace my words when a. I guess we will have to find out.

Will this thing record audio based on a song? Them and send them not them jojo are old viewers that Jim Reitz hard hell on earth did you think that I said that in some of your TV card are you kidding on hole after whole me your soul name me an E lamer I labored and you haul hall and the built-in booty and grabbed a venal all we can only wish he'd open all typical more people than we have a good arrangement between them ago when he went west league of women and custom only.

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It meant and Cushman of them came up and meet with it and couldn't be with you in the morning and long about the what was that? Was it a bird? Was in a plane? No, it is superman ha

We are currently builds a machine that has ride my very bearish green Jackson two very bizarre thing which to you but it's not going to walk because of this strange computer that is not picking up now and that you buy and use money and may be anything them saints I must be speaking complete and Holger Burch right now so well that if the

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