I may be leaving you soon Newgrounds

2012-04-29 09:32:17 by Jessismith

Yeah, I know....I always say that, but I've been through so much lately, I don't know if I can make the time to hang around here. I love you all though, and I wish you all the best in your lives.


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2012-04-29 09:41:01

But i just got here.


2012-05-04 04:51:51

Just my luck. I finally stumble across a decent musician who isn't an egomaniac (seems to be rare on newgrounds) only to find out that they're leaving. A pity, but it's typical of my luck.

I at least hope you'll continue to make music, as your Sovngarde Chant remix is like pro tier material.


2012-06-16 00:45:02

Don't leave Steph 'sad face' just have a really really long vocation :P and have lots and lots of fun with Dragon Dogma hee hee :P


2012-07-01 00:03:17

aww srry i missed u. hope ur life turns out great and ur dreams come true steph, take care my friend!


2012-08-13 23:00:20

Hello my friend, long time no see... You decide to leave, I got a chance to get back... :(

Jessismith responds:

Yeah....this is an older journal. I stop by newgrounds from time to time to upload a few things. Also glad to see you're back. It's always nice to hear more of music. :)


2012-10-21 22:32:40

This is sad to read. <~.~> *sad ears*