2012-10-25 20:46:19 by Jessismith

I'm excited to hear about a piece that I did vocals for a while back has finally been released here on NG!!!

I think that everyone involved with the project has done such a wonderful job. Particularly Shanath, who composed this amazing cover. If you haven't listened to it yet, you must!!


PS: For anyone thinking my voice was lacking in the piece, please listen to a practice version of the song that I mixed a long time ago with the original midi, using the exact same vocal track: CLICK HERE I'm guessing it was just the mixing burying my voice in the background. But trust me, I belted the vocal out...even if it doesn't show in the main version. :)


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2012-10-28 03:10:32

I thought you sung beautifully. Your tone, and pitch were my inspiration throughout the whole process. The middle verse guitar notation was all about bringing that tone of yours out into the front, and man it worked for me. lol,I loved it, it is my favorite part of the song.. EVEN BETTER THAN MY SOLO!!! *facepalm* It was nice to finally work on a song with a lyricist, thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Take care,


Jessismith responds:

Aww, thank you Jay. If ever you need a vocalist for your music, just let me know. I'm always happy to work on collaborations with other folks. :)


2012-10-28 17:41:31

I'll keep you in mind for whatever I decide to do next. I sure love your voice. :3 It's too bad it will be a few months before I can work on another song, but if I do I'll be sure to let you know!

Jessismith responds:

Thankies Shanath. Can't wait to do another project with you. :D


2012-10-31 18:13:38

Mind = blown. Amazing power in your voice. Carried me to lala land haha. Great job!! And i must say that everything complimented everything. Sounded epically amazingly sweet.

Jessismith responds:

Thank you! :)


2013-02-22 03:16:36

That is some picture in your user profile!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harpo_Marx Best harp player I ever heard.
Granted you don't work in vaudeville, but NG is certainly its 21st century equivalent :3

Jessismith responds:

Thanks Vicarious! It is a pic of my cat, hehe.
Indeed!! I listened to some of his music. It is very impressive!! :D