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Starting an MMORPG Project

Posted by Jessismith - July 15th, 2013

I'm not sure how many of you Newgrounds people play MMORPG type games on a regular basis, but I have been slowly working on an MMORPG project of my own. I call it "Project Tokala."

I originally started up Project Tokala with a few of my friends on Facebook. We had fun brainstorming different races and concepts. Shortly after creating the Facebook group, I launched an official project website, to start things off in a more professional looking way. Also, with a website, it really comes in handy, as you have a way to neatly organize, and store all of your quests, characters, races, regions and everything else.

However, lately, I have been the only one updating the project on the site My friends had all been very enthusiastic in the beginning, helping me formulate ideas, and develop many of the new races for it, but now, most folks have pretty much abandoned it, aside from responding to my posts on Facebook. It had been like pulling teeth trying to get some of my friends to even join the website, and I've still not managed to be successful....which is the painful part of it all. I worked so hard on the actual website, just to be able to post up some new content, and for other to post up some new content, or just to get opinions from others, but with no input to go on, it is all on my shoulders.

A little while back, a guy joined up on my forums, and said that he was bringing his team, as well as others over to the project, including some programmers....but it never happened. That is why I am taking it upon myself to attempt to recruit from anywhere that I can possibly recruit from. As I had never intended for this project to solely be mine, I am more than open to everyone's ideas and suggestions.
Right now, I am looking to recruit writers, artists, composers, voice actors, storytellers of all sorts, and later down the road, I'll launch a Kickstarter, and then the project will truly get a chance to shine. But that would probably after the first part of the game would be built, and after assembling an amazing trailer for it. But please, all I ask is for more real life people to join up on the forums and take a look. I'll have to verify your account so that I know you are human and whatnot. Also, any sort of new content, stories, characters or anything that you could possibly add to the site would be beyond appreciation. You guys have no idea what it would mean to me. Even if you can't contribute with content, your voice and suggestions would give me something to go on, so please, join up with us now, at http://projecttokala.com
I will love you guys forever even if you just joined the forum, I promise! *desperate sigh*
I know....I'll probably get nowhere with this journal post....but hey, it is at least worth a try, right? ^__^

Cheers, all!


Starting an MMORPG Project

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Seems your host is down right now :(

Sometimes it goes down really late at night. It is back up now, though! Try again, and see if you can access it yet. If not, I'll send another link in a pm. :)

Also, thank you! :D