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Looking great, buddy. I love where this story is heading. The animation is top notch, and the storyline is really awesome to far. Thanks for using my music too. I really appreciate it. Let me know if you'd like a voice for Xullrae. Always happy to play character roles. :)

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littlegoblet responds:

no probs buddy I realy liked how your music seemed to fit, even though the words related to a different situation. I asked Lisa the owner of Xullrae what shewould sound like, she said her voice was soft and dusty. gave me a few examples like Cree Summer, (Played a human acolyte to the the consort in mass effect 1)
Grey DeLisle (played Azula in Avatar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltk3DvwHkDQ
or Michelle Phiefer (who played Eris in Sinbad) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFub84sXjhk
but you could have a go if you like. Even though she is small she is very assertive, confident, nasty and sultry and even if your voice is higher and innocent lol you probably could master the attitude very well. I was watching legends of a New Earth again and the part where you say, stupid wolf get up or you will die had the fire in it that I would expect to be in Xullrae.

Being an absolute Mass Effect fan, I loved this parody! It's been a while since something had made me laugh so much. The part with the bug spray especially made my sides hurt. Also, I think the animation was really good. And the voices were also nicely executed. And yeah, people need to understand, this is just a little parody, and not some blockbuster hit or anything. It was designed to make people laugh, and it did its job. :)

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littlegoblet responds:

Heya Steff thanxies for the lovely comment you explained my intention perfectly so I realy appreciate that. Just want to make people laugh lol I like making people laugh. hugs to you :D

Loved it

Liked it, the loved it, then really loved it. Awesome parody, my friend. Definitely going in my Skyrim faves. Keep it up, and make more! Hehe, we should collaborate on one sometime. :)

littlegoblet responds:

thanx Steff. ya know, as I was nearing the end of this parody I had come to realise that many of the jokes had been done before, but I still went ahead with it cause it had been my very first Skyrim parody. It would be awesome to do collab with you too buddy :)

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Oh wow! I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. Anything with pirates in it is amazing, for one thing, and this game was pretty challenging and fun. The graphics were also really awesome.
I think will enjoy playing this one many times over. :)

Save Blizzard!

I'm glad to have helped you out in your cause. To everyone out there, please help this doggy. I've donated some, and plan to donate more if need be. As for this story, and the flash....it was wonderful. Thank you, Sam, for caring that much for your doggy. You're an inspiration to all of us animal lovers out there. :)

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Best flash game ever made

I was playing this game on my website and I decided to see if it was on Newgrounds just so I could see if the name of the intro song would be listed. I really enjoy listening to it when I'm not playing the game. xD But like I said on other sites where this game is listed, it's an excellent well made game. Anyone would be crazy not to check it out.

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I'm also working on a Steampunk-ish game. Thanks for this inspiration. Sounds amazing. :)

Have all my stars! Oblivion is one of my favorite games in the entire world, and this piece is so beautifully and amazingly done!!! I would love to try out this mod when it is finished!

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SoundChris responds:

Hey Jessismith, thanks a lot for your kind words. I am glad that especially you as oblivion fan liked it. The mod already can be downloaded and totally played. 5-10 hours of gameplay. The music is stil WiP but we are working hard to complete the entire soundtrack asap (a few weeks and everything is done). But like i said: The mod itself is totally playable and can be downloaded at tes alliance and tes nexus:


We keep updating the download file with the new music pieces constantly. If you loved oblivion i am sure you also will love this mod. Scott and Kathie - the creators of rathunas - worked very hard on this mod (writing, programming, coordinating, recording ...) since a few years and invested so much time and love here. I deeply respect what they have done and i cant say i have met anyone else yet who had taken creating a game / mod that serious. Also the almost 40 voice actors did a great job!

Thanks a lot for your review and all the best,

Pedro and me will hurry to finish the soundtrack asap - stay tuned :D

This music puts me in a trance. This whole piece seems very whimsical and paints a really nice picture. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with the world. :D

CFox responds:

Thanks so much, I had a great time writing it!

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This is so beautiful! I love the amount of work and detail you put into the scales. His expression is beautiful too. Almost looks like he's ready for lunch. :D But yes, the contrast and textures are totally amazing too. It's nice to find another self taught composer/artist gal here on NG. And someone else who loves dragons! :D


This brings me back to the days of my childhood, roaming the woods in search of fabled creatures. Such a lovely, whimsical piece. I'll probably take a look at that comic if I ever get a chance. :)

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I'm blown away by this! The fact that you did this completely with ink and paper shows that you have some really amazing skills. This even looks better than the artwork on most mangas and comics I've read. Excellent work!

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