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(COM) Tis Is Berk (RMX) (COM) Tis Is Berk (RMX)

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For just plain ol' guess work, you did a really good job with the notation! This song is one of my favorite orchestrated pieces. You certainly did a excellent job of recreating its design note for note. My kudos to you! :D

Agitat0r responds:

Hi there, thanks for the comment a lot.

Have to be honest it was hard to track the notes in the original song. I really glad I did it.

"Uninspired" - Radio Edit "Uninspired" - Radio Edit

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You're really good at this genre!

Don't normally listen to rap type stuff, but the melody is very relaxing, and the words are so true to life. You totally did a good job remixing it too. :)

"Everlasting Garden" - 60 secs "Everlasting Garden" - 60 secs

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And you are so right!

Awesome piece, and concept. Nothing more to say here. :)

"Dreadful Times" - Ambience "Dreadful Times" - Ambience

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Actually sort of reminds me of getting lost in a dark, creepy cave or something. Although the comment below me could also be an epic scenario. :D
Even though it has a kind of sinister feel to it, this song is oddly relaxing. I really like this. Kudos!

"Light Hearts" - Spiritual "Light Hearts" - Spiritual

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You uploaded this to NG too! :D I'm so glad I decided to look at your latest stuff, hehe. :)
As far as this song goes. you definitely worked your magic with it. I never thought that old vocal recording could ever sound so crisp and clear....even with background vocals.
So beautiful, and dreamy, as I had always pictured for it to be. It's been a while since I've heard this, and it brings back some wonderful memories. But anyway, it warms my heart to hear it again. Always thankful for the work that you put into it. :)

XayberOptix responds:

Your vocals really made this song come to life! :) We should collaborate on another one soon!

"L O V E" - Vocal Trance "L O V E" - Vocal Trance

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You uploaded this to NG! I've always liked this piece from you. An awesome, modern take on a purely classic song. Love it! :D

Wind Waker - Laruto's Lament Wind Waker - Laruto's Lament

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Very Beautiful

Never played the game that features this track, but now I want to. The song is very soft and relaxing. The vocals are quite beautiful too. Amd it even features my favorite instrument...the harp. This track is definitely inspiring me. :D

VGSongbird responds:

I'm quite partial to the harp myself :D
Thanks for listening.

Eternal Love[Original Mix Eternal Love[Original Mix

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Very peaceful. It definitely paints a beautiful portrait of God's Love. Keep doing all you do. This is a beautiful work. It inspires me to continue with my own musical gift. God Bless.

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stephenstripling responds:

Thank you!

Windows XP [suprhuman Remix] Windows XP [suprhuman Remix]

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Please make this longer!

I absolutely LOVE it!! It's only too bad that my computer will only play 30 seconds of it when I log in, but as a song, I would love to hear more. I just don't ever get tired of listening to it! :D

They Will Find You They Will Find You

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Awesome loop!

Pretty amazing for a really short piece. You have a definite skill with creating amazing beats. Make this longer, please! :D

AshleyAlyse responds:

Aw, thank you so much! :3 I appreciate it! I will definitely make it longer once I get a computer that will actually run my music program well! XD