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(gaia) va4C 2nd muffin (gaia) va4C 2nd muffin

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I just wanted to say...

...congrats, in advance. xD This is beyond awesome. I was gonna wait to say it after the contest was judged, but since it's gonna take so long to judge....I'll just go ahead and say it. I like this because I can relate to it a bit in life. It totally reminds me of my current retail, and all the silly people I've had to deal with....even hippies, lol. But yeah, it's pretty amazing how you've captured real life perfectly in this entry. It's like actually being there....which is awesome. And the variety of voices you can do is amazing. Makes me want to experiment with different voices now. xD But yeah....anyway...this is great. I hope you like winning, because I sense a winner xD

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rednikaiaG responds:

Awww... Ste, uh, Jessi------>
Aren't you just, the sweetest Gal ever! That means SO much to me. Especially coming from such a talented musician as yourself. You know, your voice acting ain't too shabby yourself, Little Lady! :) You have a very creative mind to share with the World. I think the one thing that outweighs your talent, is the kindness you hold in your heart. I mean, not to get all Hallmark, on your @ss, but, for real, you're very generous. Good luck with muffin brigade and I also want to hear what you comeup with when you experiment with your voice some more. Maybe we can even do something together sometime. I bet that'd be fun. Thanks again for leaving a review. It means a lot, seriously.
Thanks for making us, females, look good, too. Heh heh heh.

.............Take care, be good and experiment.period
<3 :(Gaia:)

The Lobby [Game 3] The Lobby [Game 3]

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Upbeat indeed. :)

This would actually go better as sort of adventure/exploring type music. But yeah. It's really good. I am liking the lead instrument you used....very unique sound and the bassline at the end with all the higher melodies is nice. Very cool, dude. :)

Zero123Music responds:

thanks alot Jessi ;)

(gaia) va pirate contest (gaia) va pirate contest

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You've got the pirate speech down perfectly. xD This makes me laugh every time I hear it, lol.

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rednikaiaG responds:

Aw, you're such a sweet, sweet Lady, Jessi------>
Thank you for givin' it a go. I appreciate the 10 and as always, YOUR kind words. I hope all is well with you and yours. Haven't stopped by your page in awhile to check up on ya. I'll have to do that. I can't wait to see what kind of silliness erupts from Organic-Cucumber's Monster Mash! Heh heh heh Thanks again for being one of the coolest chicks here on Newgrounds. Not only that but being my friend too. *hugs* Thanx Jessi. You're the shiz-nit, Dawg. :)

..........Take care, be good and be cool.
Oh wait, you already are.period
<3 :( Gaia :)

A Pirate's Song A Pirate's Song

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Nice voice.

I like your voice. It may fit the part I'm looking for.....if only it was just a little deeper and rougher though. I like this song, lol. xD

Drunken Sailors dance mix Drunken Sailors dance mix

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I forgot to tell you

Congrats on getting your song in a flash entry. :)
This has always been one of my faves from you anyway. Such a sweet epic twist to one of the most awesome songs in the world. But quite honestly, this piece is are all the rest of your pieces which is why I come back and listen to them. I never get tired of them. When I say that you are the most awesome singer/musician I know of, I'm not kidding at all. :) Keep it up! I haven't heard anything new from you in a while so I command thee to keep making more stuff!! Arrrghh!

Stalagmite responds:

that truly is very kind and very uplifting jessismith! =D i super appreciate your checking out my work. you really are one of the best too. i have heard YOUR work. something truly inspirational that comes from the heart. that represents one of the most talented musicians on newgrounds! YOU! A+! thanks for the review chicken! BRaAAK!

Eternity (Orch. Ver.) Eternity (Orch. Ver.)

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I am at a loss for words! It is so beautiful! I am honored to sing to this. I can't wait to hear the melody for it and the words if there are any. :) I can't wait to sing for this beautifully amazing piece that is just amazingly epic and beautiful in every single way!

Zero123Music responds:

hey, thanks alot jessi
I'll try and get you some latin lyrics and I'll export just the violin - or maybe a new violin part specialised for you^^

I'm not sure if you are better learning by ear or reading, so I can easily export a MIDI version of the violin track.

wow thanks alot :D

V.D.R. Menu Loop V.D.R. Menu Loop

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I finally got around to checking out your stuff. This is nice. :) Kind of jumpy, but I do like it.....really interesting beat and everything, :)

gintasdx responds:

Thanks for checking this out :)

A Day In August (Piano) A Day In August (Piano)

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I realise my old comment never went through. Sorry about that. But I think what I said in that one was along the lines of how well I could relate this song to the theme. And how much I love the different tones used in this. Really completes the song. I think that it's really beautiful. :)

Cheese Acapella loop Cheese Acapella loop

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Me too!

Cheese ish the most awesome thing in the world! CHEEESE! I could listen to this forever and ever and ever. Because I like cheese. xD
Awesome song by the way. :)

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Simpsons acapella Stalagmite Simpsons acapella Stalagmite

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Nice one...:)

Danny Elfman rules. :) I have always liked this theme, and you captured every little detail of it with total perfection. I still can't get over how many awesome things you can do with your voice. It's just!

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Stalagmite responds:

why THANK YOU chicken! =D you reviewed this song twice! hehe, once on youtube and again here! =D you are either a stalker, or you are just too nice! haha. :D
im guessing you much too nice lol. thanks so much matey! i bet you are more than capable though. i have heard your production and the way you compose, it is very similar to mine... all you need is to not be shy, and too be INCREDIBLY terrifyingly happy. :D 10 for you review =D