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LaoNE Almost There!!!

2009-05-26 22:17:46 by Jessismith

It's's almost here! Check out my website or deviantart account. I will alwasy be updating it on DA if you haven't already seen the updated version. Anyway, I'm going to make this short...

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~Stephanie (jessismith)

LaoNE Almost There!!!

Reunion is Out!!

2009-01-25 01:21:49 by Jessismith

Please watch it!


Reunion is Out!!

A New Flash is Underway!

2008-10-09 21:28:49 by Jessismith

So, yeah...I got bored of doing the other long, eternal piece, so I decided to make another one based on my song called: "Reunion"

Here's a's probably a little more than half done.....still taking forever though. It should be up here soon though....:)

Sorry if it takes forever to load...:P

Legends of a New Earth

2008-10-01 09:32:02 by Jessismith

I'm making a new short film called Legends of a New Earth. The only problem though is that I'm not making it in flash, so if I put it on here, I will not be able to put a preloader on it, therefore, some folks may not be able to see it.
To see a few short clips from it, here's a link: its-and-Pieces-of-a-New-Movie-82387237