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Since I don't update my journal often, and since I'm sort of proud of my newest artwork, I figured I'd make a big news post about it. This piece is based on the movie, Avatar. I hope you guys will like it, and I hope for a scout if possible. I have been unscouted so many times....even though I never did anything wrong. It's crazy. But yeah. sismith/avatar-fanart

Making a game

2009-12-07 14:15:52 by Jessismith

EDIT: New intro for the Swine Flu game! Check it out!

Swine Flu Intro

If you guys were wondering what has been going on with me, well I've been working a lot, since retail is insane this time of year, but also I've been making the graphics for A-S's newest game, Codename: Swine Flu. It won't be long before we have at least most of it finished. Our goal is to get it done by the end of the year, but if not, it should be available probably within some time next month. Just thought I'd share. And be sure to check our website, Althirius Studios for more info. Cheers!


Making a game

My Internet is down again.

2009-10-26 11:42:57 by Jessismith

I'm sorry again guys. You're all probably used to this now though so you all know that I will be back eventually. I love you all. You're like my family but yeah....this is completely out of my control unfortunately. I'll catch y'all later.

Special thanks to Gintas for doing most of the work in making the most amazing site layout ever. :) I love it, and you will love it too, especially if you're anxiously awaiting Christmas to come like I's my favorite holiday, and just the best time of the year. So yes, enjoy our new website design. It rules!!

My website has been prettifyed!!


2009-09-11 23:11:41 by Jessismith

Holy crap! It looks like all my efforts and voting up has put "Reunion" at #164 in the best of all time flashes!! Maybe now it will finally finally, after so long, get some reviews. :) I'm already getting a lot coming in. I'm so happy! Thank you Newgrounds! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just submitted a song that combines my current song project with one of my older songs which you might have heard. Check it out!


So, we were all bored this morning, so we decided, "Hey, let's make a song." So we did. This VA song's name is in the theme of Braveheart. Check it out if you're into random silliness and just want a laugh. xD


New Song Collab

2009-08-16 22:32:03 by Jessismith

If you haven't heard this song by Brokendeck please listen to it. It's amazing, and now features some of my vocal. Please check out all of his other stuff as well. He's working on an awesome mock-up soundtrack that's just totally mind blowing in it's epicness. So yes, please check it out! :D

My computer is fixed!

2009-07-17 06:26:29 by Jessismith

I have internet once more! *rejoices*
So yeah, hopefully I will get some good content on here soon.....maybe a few VA demos as well. I want to get back into the VA scene. :)

Sorry guys

2009-06-30 11:00:30 by Jessismith

I regret to inform you all that there is a big possibility that I will be offline for a while. I have no Internet for my computer. Right now I am using my iPod on someone else's wifi network. Hopefully the problem can be resolved soon, but in the meantime I cannot upload or download anything at all. I will still however try to respond to all of your comments and everything. Cheers!