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Some new stuff up!!

2011-08-06 07:27:52 by Jessismith

Just wanted to share with you all my two latest songs. I really hope that you enjoy.

Choral Arrangement: /437830

First Meeting: /437769

What ya'll been up to lately?

2011-06-03 19:52:31 by Jessismith

Just figured I'd post, since it has been so long since I have. I know you all have probably been busy with school and work. I know how that is. Just really wanted to see how everyone is doing. Anything new? Sorry that I have been too lazy to look at everyone's updates. If only NG had a feature that would alert me when that stuff happens. Maybe I'll try to find some software that send me messages on you guys' RSS feeds or something. Anyway, not much has happened to me lately. I'm sorry again for my long absence. I hope that I didn't hurt anyone's feelings with being gone so long. It just sort of struck me out of nowhere, and I was without and internet. But I'm back on at least for now. I love you all. I hope to hear from you, and I hope everything's alright. I've been working on some exciting new projects lately....a few songs in progress, and I'm also working on an extremely epic game which features so many sprites that it might just take me over a year to just complete the design aspect of it. Other than that, I have some artwork started on....dunno if I'll finish that, lol. If someone can come up with a really funny script, maybe I can animate a short to it. ;) I am a woman of few ideas, so I depend on all of you guys and gals for inspiration. But yeah. I love you all! I hope that your summer is as warm and delightful the one where I live is.


What ya'll been up to lately?

New song up!

2011-01-08 07:48:45 by Jessismith

I just posted a fairly epic, fantasy type classical piece. It is almost entirely instrumental, aside from some sound effects I added. I made it to submit to the Orchestral NAC. Please take a listen, and tell me your thoughts, if you get a chance. :) /389546

My Christmas Flash

2010-12-19 19:32:17 by Jessismith

Heya everyone. Just wanted to show you guys my newest Christmas flash. I didn't submit it to the flash portal, but to the dumping grounds, because I was uncomfortable with the new anti-copyright song policy.
I started on this flash a year ago and wasn't really thinking about copyrights and stuff when I started making it. But also, I made this for someone I care about, and this song really fit. So please, check it out if you have the time. I don't plan on making any money from it or anything. It was just something I made for fun, and from my heart, and I really want to share it with you, because NG is my second family. :) f86a6938d810484db3d6f30060ec12


PS: To Newgrounds: You can remove it if it is violating anything. Just thought I'd give it a shot for the heck of it.

My Christmas Flash

Preview to my next song.

2010-12-11 20:24:39 by Jessismith

These are the lyrics to a song that I will publish soon. I hope you all enjoy!
The sing itself is fast-paced, and super exciting! Can't wait to show it to you guys when I'm done. :)




Do you remember the day,
When the sunlight shone before us?
When every darkest moment ran away
I prayed it would return

Through every shadow,
Dreams grow
As the light begins to show
Our hope lies inside
Our prayers, and our dreams.

Dark clouds flew fast before my eyes,
Blinding and taking hold of me,
I fought the relentless winter night
And prayed light would return.

My life flashed by in streaks of light,
Heavy darkness fell to silence,
The sunlight though so small, it gave me hope
As I prayed it would return,

Winter fell away,
The night slowly melted into day,
When did the sunlight go?
When will we ever
See forever,
Summer's youthful glow?

The winter melted into spring
And the spring faded into summer
Now light stands before us once again,
As we believed it would, we prayed it could,
And hoped that it would come back to us. is where it's at!!!

2010-05-25 14:27:21 by Jessismith

Hey everyone. A really good friend of mine and I have started up a brand new site for artists; one that will break the mold of ALL other sites out there. The basic premise of this site is to aid both artists and those who are searching for talent, so that they can collaborate on big projects.
It also serves as a social networking site that allows for users to upload content, build portfolios and resumes, make and join groups, and build friends and favorites lists....all for FREE!! It is destined to become one of the greats out there!
It is already AMAZING so far, and we are starting to get some artist joining already, and we came up with the concept for this site just 5 days ago! SO be one of the FIRST to join this amazing site! And join the other elite members we have on there already. You won't regret it!

WE'VE GOT THE FWUNK DO YOU? JOIN NOW! is where it's at!!!

New Song!!

2010-04-27 14:50:26 by Jessismith

Check the audio portal for my latest song, "Oasis." /328583

Cheers, and good day,

New animation....

2010-03-22 09:35:45 by Jessismith

So yeah, I'm gonna take a break from LoaNE since it hasn't become as popular as I had hoped, and I don't want to spend another year or so animating a piece that no one is going to comment on. So, I have decided to take on another project. This one isn't going to be one of my silly stories, but someone else's, so it should be of better quality that everyone should like. :)
I will animate around the sloryline of fellow ng user, brokendeck's "Adventures of Merrick Kuei Soundtrack" We have everything set now...both animation-wise, and perhaps we have even found our main character. Pretty soon, I'll be posting up information on my website about this movie. It's a beautiful story that I'm glad to help share with the world.

New animation....

Thanks For Saving Blizzard!

2010-03-11 16:12:27 by Jessismith

Edit: Thanks to all who helped Sam reach his goal to afford the surgery for his dog. :)

This is the best story I believe I have ever read.

Any owner who could go out of his way to help his dog, deserves all of the financial and emotional support that he possibly can. I would do the same thing for my best friend, and I know that many of you would too, so I invite all of you to donate to save this poor doggy!
You can donate, read his story, and view pics here:
Save Blizzard!

Hey everyone!

So yeah, for those who might know me, I've been gone for a while, and have not been able to post anything in all that time. So, I've decided to come back for a while, and submit some new content.
I actually just finished a piece the other day, and this is the finished product of that, /313757

Also, some cool stuff has been happening around here, like weather changes. We hardly ever get any snow here, and it's happened 3 times this year, which is pretty awesome. So, I'm thinking also about drawing my inspiration from the weather, like I did with this one song, /293725

Also, I'm up for requests. Maybe not with animation, but I'm glad to do voice acting for anything, or make music for your animation...or maybe an artwork. I'm happy to do stuff like that. It's a nice slow time of the year, so I'm really bored. But yeah, pm me with any ideas, suggestions, or requests. I'd love to hear them all. :) Cheers, everyone!

Change of weather, and high hopes.